Our Story

There are a ton of online content that teaches you how to make your Amazon business a success.  I know because I  myself have consumed these information for many months.  My years of experience selling on the Amazon marketplace for a thriving Italian online grocery shop was indeed helpful but nowhere near the potential growth that could be achieved with private label and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program.  I devoured all the material I can find, spent a substantial amount of time and money in trying out various software, courses and launching my own private label products as well.  In this trial and error method, I have learned my lessons in ways that can not be taught except through hands on experiences. From researching viable products to private label, to sourcing suppliers locally and abroad, to shipping logistics and product launch.  I can not and will not claim to have mastered Amazon marketplace because the game changes every day.  Amazon keeps you on your toes.  But as an entrepreneur, the challenge is exciting and nerve racking simultaneously.

Everybody’s brand journey is different.  You may just be starting out or you may have gone through the whole exercise and just need a bit more marketing push.  Wherever you are in your journey, if you are ready for your shot of adrenaline in building a private label brand, then let’s chat.