• Title: Optimisation is the key to a valuable listing.  The careful wording and placement of keywords in your title helps you earn points with ranking higher.
  • Product Description: Bullet point copy that strategically include researched keywords that rank high in searches.
  • Images: Professional looking visuals are an absolute must if you are to gain a user’s attention in that split second view where they decide to carry on exploring what you have to offer or click to the next.
  • Reviews: We understand the critical place reviews have on the success of a product.  We are well-versed in Amazon policies and will never be involved in any black hat strategies to gain verified reviews.


  • Set-up: Create all levels of campaign based on recommended budget for your particular category and keywords.
  • Management: Daily tracking of performance to determine best optimisation efforts.
  • Reporting & Recommendation: Translating PPC campaign performance to clear ROI results and make recommendations on strategy.


  • Facebook / Instagram: Create funnels and chat bots to get your promotion out to your targeted audience.
  • YouTube:  Create video content that can be used and linked to with multiple platforms.


  • The influx of Private Labels make this exercise even more critical.  It is not unusual to find competitors with similar products as yours (sometimes even coming from the same supplier) inundating your category.  You may not have the time to diligently analyse how to compete and position yourself to gain an advantage.  We can help with monitoring competitors prices,  level of inventory, search terms used and sales activity.

EBC CREATION (Enhanced Brand Content)

  • Set-up: We advise on Trademark applications to start your process of getting EBC approval from Amazon.  We have stores in Amazon USA and Amazon UK.
  • Content: We help in copywriting and video creation.  Content is king and knowing what to serve up to your prospective buyers is critical in standing out in a sea of competing products.

We have links to our work upon request.  Please reach out by emailing here.